Half Day tour cosmovisión Mapuche - Huilliche.

This experience takes you to the deepest Huilliche culture, just minutes away from Puerto Varas.

Our guide will takes you experience the Huilliche culture. The Huilliche (meaning in Mapudungun language: Huilli = South and Che = people) are one of the native people of Lake District. On this tour we will visit the Caipillan family, they will explain us the Huilliche world view, share with us their traditions, culture and we will have fun playing their sports, the "Palin" ( a kind of hockey sport ). Afterwards we will enjoy a tipical Huilliche snack with their sopaipillas with pebre ( this spicy sauce prepared with tomatos, chili, onions, parsley and edible seaweed ) with their beverage, the Muday. Around noon we will say good bye to our hosts and return to Puerto Varas.

Salidas diarias desde Puerto Varas.

Inicio : 08:30 hrs.

Regreso : 13:30 hrs.

Includes :

  • Transportation.
  • Specialized tour guide.
  • Pichimaule community entrance fee.
  • Local beverage.
  • Local snacks.
  • No incluye :

  • Tips.
  • Lunch.
    Minimum 02 people.
    Maximum 14 people.

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  • Mobile : +56 9 4433 2599
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