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As SouthernEx Chile we have designed a monitoring journal, where it is recommeneded to take test to detect Sars-Cov-2 periodically to all our staff, specially guides & drivers.

According Health and Transportation authorities suggestions, vehicles will be used with 60% of capacity leaving always a seat empty beside or front of every traveler.

Rotation of seat will be not allowed. In case of couples, family members, this will not apply.

Before and after every service, we have desig the next protocol to clean up our vehĂ­cles Hand wash body work, door shuts cleaned, wheels cleaned, vacuum seats, carpets and boot, all Vinyl and leather cleaner, windows cleaned (inside & out), tyre dressing, paper mats, air freshener.

For disinfection prior and after touring, chlorine or ammonium chlorine will be used.
For the disinfection during a service the company will use soap & water or hydroalcoholic solutions of 70% of alcohol concentration.


Equipment is to be understood as element provided for our company to the travelers for his/her own use during the tour as well as communitarian elements, as maps. The equipment is to be sanitized according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health (Minsal) regarding disinfection. The company is to keep a disinfection journal and the equipment is to be kept properly at its facility minimizing its manipulation by unauthorized third parties.

In the case of local vendors for food, it will be responsibility of SouthernEx Chile to check and make sure the proper protocols for handling and manipulation of food according to the regulations of health authorities. Regarding food in gastronomic establishments protocols from health authorities are to be enforced.

Regarding the use of common areas in state protected wild areas, protocols produced by CONAF (National Forest and Protected Areas Services) are to be followed. Regarding other common areas, as museums, theatres, etc, protocol produced by they own and MINSAL ( Ministry of Health ) recommendations are to be followed.



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