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SouthernEx Chile was born from the mixture of tourism specialists with two decades of experience working with international tour operators and the hospitality industry.
Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Chile as a tourism destination, our foundations in SouthernEx Chile are developed under a sustainable approach in the economic, social and environmental fields.

We offer high quality services to guarantee our commitment in the development of unique, personalized and sustainable touristic products.

To fullfil these goals and maintain such pillars we have stablished an Integrated Management Policy that has been implemented through a system encompassing the environment,
the quality, the occupational safety and health, the energy and the social awareness among other factors.

Our constant training on destinations, the strive for continuous improvement and the enforcement of corrective and preventive actions allow us to be always prepared to provide the best service and consultancy with added value to our clients and passengers.

Our commitments are:

- To be an efficient and profitable company while respecting and carrying out fair trade practices with all of our providers.

- Work for the quality of our services, the protection of the environment and the welfare of our employees.

- Identify environmental factors and incorporate them into our operations.

- Identify and manage meaningful ways to use energy.

- Identify workplace safety and health threats and manage non-tolerable risks.

- To pursue actions aiming to diminish the carbon footprint produced by our operations.

- To develop actions preventing pollution.

- Comply with the current law.

- To promote environmental awareness in our commercial relations and surroundings.

- Continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

- Provide work opportunities without discrimination and with equal conditions and treatment.

- To be part of worldwide campaigns against human exploitation, especially when it comes to young children and teenagers.

SouthernEx Chile


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